"When you choose a music teacher there are two things to consider, is the person a great musician, and are they a great teacher?  There are lots of amazing musicians out there, but very few of them are great teachers as well, and that is so crucially important in making your decision.  

You want someone patient, professional, knowledgeable, and that will customize their lessons to fit your individual needs.  Robert possesses all of these qualities and more.  As a teacher of many years myself, I truly believe that Robert ranks as one of Tucson’s absolute best music teachers and I can’t recommend him highly enough.  Take just one lesson and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!"

Marc Miller, Sound Theory Studio


"We had Robert play for over 300 people at our 60th wedding anniversary celebration and his performance was outstanding. He played Beethoven's Sonata no. 17 (Tempest) and then Misty. Both were played flawlessly. He really is a master at the piano so we assume he is also a very good teacher."

Bob Rakel


"Robert LeGendre is a very talented pianist, and very knowledgeable in his field. Robert currently teaches my daughter and I have seen a wonderful change in her being, since taking piano lessons.

Olivia loves Robert's style of teaching and he is very good with young adults. He teaches them without putting them down and Olivia's outlook about learning the piano is very positive because of it.

Robert is a very rare find in today's pool of teachers. I highly recommend him and I am very happy he is instructing my daughter."

Donald Jacob


"Robert LeGendre is a very talented pianist!  I have listened to him perform at several assisted living facilities, and have hired him to play at one of my business gatherings. Robert is very proficient at playing a wide variety of genres.  Especially classical music and my favorite, jazz.  Any event or party would be truly enhanced by his piano playing ability.  I highly recommend  Robert LeGendre!"

Linda Salik, GIA GG



"Robert is my piano teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons.

Robert is a very patient teacher and trys to explain and illustrate each new concept he's teaching. If I don't understand something he will go out of his way to see that I do, usually by trying a different approach. He is a very adept musician himself and plays the piano beautifully.

I'm an elderly person and hadn't played in so long I'd forgotten the notes for the left hand and he had to almost start over with me. I'm really enjoying my lessons now. I told Robert I'd give him a reference and my opinion which has been my pleasure. 

Give Robert the chance to teach you or your child to play piano, you won't be sorry."

Vivian L. Holmes